• What we do

    What we do

    We develop open civic technology: We promote the use and development of free software and hardware, open design and open data.

    We defend digital rights: We seek for full compliance of civil rights on the Internet. We research, advocate and train in privacy, freedom of expression, network neutrality, copyright, among others.

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  • Legal information and brief history

    Legal information and brief history

    The Association of Technology, Education, Development, Research, Communication (TEDIC) is an association with restricted capacity and without profit purposes with legal status No.: 246, folio 3059 dated 03/04/2012. created on March 26, 2012 in the city of Asuncion in the Republic of Paraguay.

    TEDIC was created by a group of people with multiple trajectories and backgrounds in different disciplines, who wanted to create and promote the shared goods and resources as well as common property with other collectives and groups. In the past years, the organization has strategically refined its approch in order to encompass the development of civic technology and defense of human rights on the Internet in persuit of a free culture.

    During the first years of the organization, its members dedicated half of their time in activities around free culture, such as the defense of cultural rights and knowledge through the Creative Commons licenses and its community in Paraguay. Later on, small projects that were financed by micro grants for the development of civic technology were added. Both innovative elements strengthened the organization to focus solely and exclusively on the fulfillment of its strategic action lines since 2015.

    Statutes of the organization

  • Our alliances

    Our alliances

  • Our donors

    Our donors




  • Founders


    • Maricarmen Sequera
    • Tomás Cardozo
    • Alejandro Valdez
    • Enrique Gimenez
    • Pablo Castillo
    • Vivian Marandari
  • Transparency
  • Awards


    Heroína 2015 Access Now– Defensora de Derechos Humanos en Internet

    Le Prix des droits de l’Homme de la République française « Liberté – Égalité – Fraternité» 2015 – Mención de Honor a la campaña #Pyrawebs en defensa de los derechos humanos en Internet. Texto Oficial

    Premios Peter Benenson 2015 – Amnistía Internacional Paraguay – Mención Especial a TEDIC en reconocimiento a la labor realizada sobre los derechos digitales en favor de una cultura libre en internet en Paraguay en el año 2015.

    Mejor campaña de incidencia LATAM 2015 – Campaña Pyrawebs primer lugar – SocialTIC

    Mención especial a la campaña de incidencia LATAM 2017 de SocialTIC/infoactivista: “El retorno de los pyrawebs” y la “Violencia de género en Internet es real”.