Safety coexistence

At TEDIC we promote a safe space, free from all kinds of violence, and an environment of active listening, respect, debate and diversity of knowledge. We encourage all TEDIC workers and collaborators or participants in our events to inhabit the space with respectful, open and positive attitudes, responsible, committed, discreet with information and to participate constructively with others at all times.

These coexistence agreements also apply to social events related to TEDIC, such as party events or meetings in restaurants or bars, digital platforms managed by the association and social networks of the members of the association, etc.
These agreements are a tool in constant construction that keeps modifying according to the needs and the changes from TEDIC as an non profit organization.

It is vital that discussions include many different opinions and experiences, which is why we do not tolerate any form of harassment, threats, deliberate intimidation, aggressive language, extortion and physical violence. We will take action in response to these types of attitudes when they are related to origin, gender, gender identity and expression, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, physical characteristics, disability, religion and age, without limiting ourselves exclusively to these aspects.

We will also take action in response to the following that are reported to us:

  • Stalking: photographs or recordings without consent
  • Sustained interruption of sessions
  • Advocating or encouraging any of the previously mentioned behaviors

By being part of this space, we abide by the coexistence agreements and we reserve the right of admission.

In the event of any type of situation described in the previous paragraphs, it is necessary for the affected person, or third parties (co-workers) who have become aware of the situation, to report the case immediately so that the necessary measures can be taken to correct it, sanction it and remove it.

Depending on the severity of the harassment or repeated offenses, those responsible for the event will respond appropriately, including but not limited to warning or expulsion from the event. With the consent of the person or persons who are victims of these behaviors, local authorities will be called if necessary.

Third parties that have become aware of an act of violence must collaborate as witnesses and provide all the necessary information to those in charge of the investigation.

The investigation will be made up of one or two members of the executive management and a member of the board of directors of TEDIC (provided that the member is not involved in the investigation) who will take measures that they consider appropriate. These may: include a temporary suspension of their activities or termination of the contract and all the responsibilities associated with it within the framework of the Labor Code in force in Paraguay to date.

The complaint will be reviewed by a member of the Board of Directors and forwarded to the Board of Directors, which must provide a response with minimum specifications of the measures to be carried out within a maximum of 48 hours. This process will be communicated to the parties involved and to the entire team. The time to resolve the complaint will depend on each case. If any case warrants legal action, they will be taken accordingly.

The communication and notification by those responsible for the investigation to the person who engages in any type of behavior described above will be in writing, preferably via e-mail.

We count on everyone – from partner organizations to individuals – to do their part to ensure positive experiences during any event.
If you are being a victim of these behaviors, notice that someone else is being, or have other concerns, please immediately contact those responsible for organizing the event.

These coexistence agreements are based on the code of conduct made by the companions of the Free Internet Festival (IFF)
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