Civil Society Forum of the Ibero-American Network of Data Protection

logo del Foro de la Sociedad Civil de la Red Iberoamericana de Protección de Datos

We are a group of civil society organizations that defend the protection of personal data and privacy throughout Ibero-America. Our role is to serve as a link between civil society and the Ibero-American Data Protection Network (RIPD) with the objective of contributing knowledge, a human rights perspective and a citizens’ approach.

The Civil Society Forum was recognized by the Ibero-American Data Protection Network -RIPD- at the end of 2018 through the inclusion in its Regulations of a specific section (Article 15, amended version in 2018) dedicated to formalizing a space for civil society interaction with the network, its authorities and members.

This action was consistent with the Final Declaration of the XVI Ibero-American Data Protection Meeting held in San José, Costa Rica, in November 2018, which, in its fifth section, reported the agreement of the members of the RIPD to modify its internal regulations and include civil society in the activities of the Network.

Likewise, this recognition of civil society was preceded by a campaign initiated in March of the same year by various organizations in the region and activists in the defense and promotion of the rights of privacy and personal data protection, as part of their broader work in the protection and promotion of fundamental rights.

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