Open Data [Finished]

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An illustrated digital journalistic series of five chapters, of a playful and informative nature, on the right of access to public information in Paraguay, the milestones in the advancement of this right and the pending challenges.

First chapter Where does access to public information come from?: A chapter dedicated to the background and the path that led to the approval of the Law that puts into effect the right to information of all Paraguayan citizens.

Second chapter What is access to public information?: A chapter dedicated to exploring the concept of access to public information and how the legal framework promotes the fulfillment of this right.

Third chapter What are the limits of access?: A chapter on the challenges that persist to access and reuse public information and data, such as closed formats, doubts about data quality and organizational culture. The chapter also highlights the way in which the government is responding to these challenges, through hackathons, databootcamps and training for public officials, among others.

Fourth chapter on the possible uses of public information: This chapter investigates the options for using public information, such as access to basic services, citizen oversight of the exercise of authorities, the exercise of journalism, the production of new knowledge, among others.

Fifth chapter on tools to access public information: In the last chapter, some tools available to use public data are mentioned, such as the government’s open data portal, the controller of Fonacide and Akuerapp.

You can see it here: