Defensores [Finalizado]

Democracy Projects

The Defensores project seeks to eradicate the practices of torture and police abuse in Paraguay. It has 2 main components: a web platform and a mobile application that allow the registration of cases of torture in police stations and penitentiaries in Paraguay.

These tools are used by public defenders to carry out an effective and permanent monitoring of this type of practice. At the same time, it allows the generation of qualified information for different institutions involved in the protection of human rights, such as the Ministry of Public Defense itself, or the National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture, as well as the media, journalists, and civil society organizations. civilians and citizens in general.

This project seeks to systematize, visualize and finally try to stop these practices of torture and ill-treatment.

Both the web platform and the mobile application are expected to be replicated by organizations and institutions in other countries, given that the project is developed with free software, facilitating adaptation and continuous improvement.

The source code for the various components of the project is available in the Tedic open source repository.