Disinformation: challenges in the electoral context in Paraguay

Democracy Freedom of Expression Research Research

In the digital age, elections have become fertile ground for the dissemination of disinformation. Malicious actors use various tactics to influence public opinion, including the misuse of personal data, polarization, and bots. In addition, a lack of cybersecurity and digital education can increase the vulnerability of individuals towards digital manipulation and violence. In this scenario, the role of the state, civil society, technology companies and journalism is critical to ensure free and fair elections. This research will focus on the different challenges faced in terms of election-time disinformation and how these actors can work together to mitigate its impact and protect the integrity of the electoral process.

The research proposes a public debate on disinformation and political campaigns on the Internet, as a result of a literature review that covers the online political campaign in the 2023 elections. The objective is to explore viewpoints on this controversial topic to address “fake news”1 or disinformation, which has been at the center of discussions on politics and elections in Paraguay.

Keywords: disinformation, regulation of intermediaries, freedom of expression, elections.

Author: Maricarmen Sequera