Antipyrawebs observatory

Freedom of Expression Gender Personal Data Privacy Projects

It is an free online repository that maps the initiatives from the private, state, academic and civil society sectors that affect -directly or indirectly- the rights of people on the Internet at a local and regional level.

This space allows you to monitor different facts in the press, social networks and opinion articles (blogs) on policies that affect privacy, freedom of expression, copyright, net neutrality, cybersecurity, gender, as well as other principles and fundamental rights on the Internet.

This tool is built with free and open source code and uses the free Zotero document management system.

If you are a developer, the zotero API is very well documented. We used Version 3 for this project and a group was created for each country. Examples of queries are presented for each of them:

The project has the support of AccessNow and is developed in collaboration with our allies Hiper Derecho and Derechos Digitales.