We ocuppy the Internet – Episode 2: Drones

Araceli Ramírez
Podcast Podcast

We are in the year 3,000, where full freedom of expression and respect for human rights are no longer a utopia, but a reality. Ale, a virtual interpreter of Artificial Intelligence with an intuitive entity, guides us through a time capsule corresponding to the 2050s that invites us to learn about the creation and struggles of a fictitious group called “REMA”. REMA initiated an alternative for the use of technology in favor of the sexual and reproductive rights of pregnant people, in this case through unmanned autonomous vehicles, called drones. Shortening distances. Building bridges. Defending rights. Tearing down walls. Bringing people together

The series is produced by TEDIC and “In draft, theater under construction” for Radio Cyborgfeminista, with the support of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

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