[Research] Possible distortions of law 5777/16: Study of 6 legal cases

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Portada investigación: posibles tergiversaciones de la ley 5777/16

This study focuses on the application and possible distortions of Law 5777/16 in Paraguay, which addresses integral protection to women against all forms of violence, and the use of its precautionary measures for public interest cases that may have a negative impact on freedom of speech. The first part of the investigation analyzes the National Constitution of Paraguay in relation to the protection of freedom of speech, as well as the international standards established by the inter-american human rights system, including jurisprudence of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR). This section has a special approach to prior censorship, the protection threshold applicable to public officials and public persons in the exercise of their freedom of speech, and how this can be compromised by erroneous interpretations of Law 5777/16 by the national courts. In addition, there is an analysis of six legal cases in Paraguay that illustrate the challenges and risks associated with the application of this law, highlighting the need for a balanced approach that protects both the rights of women and freedom of speech and due legal process in a democratic society.

Author: Maricarmen Sequeta