Use of electronic voting machines in the 2023 general elections in Paraguay

Democracy Research
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This report summarizes the findings of a usability survey of electronic voting machines carried out in Asunción and Ciudad del Este, during the general elections of April 30, 2023. A total of 836 surveys were collected in 30 polling stations.

This data collection is built on a similar experience carried out in Asunción during the 2021 elections. The objective is to analyze the evolution of the behavior of voters with electronic voting machines, considering a period of three years from the initial implementation of said system. The survey collects data related to the effectiveness of advertising about the electronic voting system; usability issues; identification of failures suffered by voters at the software and hardware level; effective guide for correct control of ballots by polling station authorities and general perceptions of voters about the electronic system.

Authors: Eduardo Carrillo and Leticia Alcaraz.