Annual report 2022

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2022 was a very special year, as we celebrated 10 years of working to defend our human rights in the digital environment.

Throughout these 10 years, all of us who are part of TEDIC have learned to recognize the enormous potential of organized civil society as an agent of change in a world that urgently needs it.

Our collective work and dedication have managed to reverse unfair power dynamics and protect the fundamental rights of numerous vulnerable communities.

However, the threats we face have also increased in recent years.

Nevertheless, far from discouraging us, this only fuels our determination: We will continue to fight for a safer and more inclusive digital environment for all people.

We celebrate another year in which we had the honor of sharing spaces of learning, growth, and support with a diverse group of partners, allies, and friends.

We eagerly look forward to what the future holds!

Learn in detail about our 2022 work by downloading our memories here.