The Return of the Pyrawebs [Finished]

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The Return of the Pyrawebs is an illustrated series co-created with El Surtidor. It was about the state of defenselessness in which we find ourselves because Paraguay does not comply with minimum standards for the protection of personal data. In five chapters, we described in detail the way in which surveillance mechanisms had evolved, the risks to which we are exposed daily when we provide our personal data, and the rights that are violated with the arbitrary use of data.

How does the business of selling databases work? Can they discriminate against us with our data? What does SENAD use the surveillance software it bought in 2012 for? Why does the SET require biometric data for us to pay? taxes? Why does Asunción have more surveillance cameras than in Tokyo? These are some of the questions that we explore in this series that is based on findings from local and international research, legal analysis and publications in other media.